KAM M-20

KAM M-20 machine gun


Tactical and technical data:

# Parameter Value
A) Caliber 7.62x51mm
B) Belt type M13
C) Closing system principle of dust gas collection
D) Locking swing bolt
E) Method of shooting semi auto, full auto
F) Cadence 850 rounds / min.
G) Bullet speed 853 m/s
H) Effective range 800m - 1800m bipod/tripod
I) Maximum range 3 500 m
J) Number of grooves in the barrel 4
K) barrel length (light) without damper 555mm
L) Barrel length (light) with damper 615mm
M) International length (light barrel) 640-750mm
N) Visor range from 100m to 2000m after 100m
O) Machine gun width on bipod (retractable) 360mm
P) Machine gun height 225mm
Q) Theoretical rate of fire 800-900 rounds/min.
R) Continuous shooting with a light barrel 350 rounds
S) Machine gun weight with light barrel 8,9kg
T) Weight of the retractable bipod 0,65kg
U) Light barrel weight (with shock absorber) 3,79kg