MG-1270  Heavy Machine Gun (type DShK) cal.12.7x108mm

The Heavy Machine Gun MG1270 is an automatic weapon intended to eliminate light armoured targets, low flying airborne targets and combats troops (also protected by light covers).
The 12,7 HMG MG1270 is an automatic machine gun fed by ammunition 12.7x108mm. It can be mounted on Remote Controlled Weapon Stations and on mounts like: pedestal, tank, vehicle hatch, universal tripod and ground tripod. The HMG can be used in all climate zones, weather and lighting conditions.

Tactical and technical data:

# Parameter Value
A) Caliber 12.7 mm - .50 BMG
B) Number of threads 6
C) Twist pitch thread 375mm
D) Twist direction R
E) Machine gun Type Automatic Heavy Machine Gun
F) Weight of weapon … kg (without support),
… kg (with pick-up support)
G) Weapon length 1600 mm
H) Barrel length 1005 mm
I) Practical rate of fire 600 rounds/min
J) Theoretical rate of fire ? rounds/min
K) Muzzle velocity 850m/s
L) Max. effective range Max 5400 eff.2000 m
M) Ammunition 12.7x108mm or .50BMG