ZEUS Sniper or Anti-material Gun cal.12.7x108mm or .50 Browning

This unique, multi-purpose rifle combines the strengths of sniper rifles, combat rifles an anti-material weapons. It is suitable for use by land- , air-, territorial and independent armed forces. Its task is to destroy the enemy´s key pinpoints targets, armored rifle troops in vehicles, light shelters and buildings, radio-electronic constructions, missile launchers up to 2000+ meters distance and hovering helicopters within 600-800 meters shooting range. It generates significantly (5-7) times greater muzzle energy that the conventional small arms.

Tactical and technical data:

# Parameter Value
A) Caliber 12.7x108mm / .50 BMG
B) Twist pitch thread 380 mm
C) Number of threads 6
D) Magazine capacity 6 rounds
E) Burrell length 850 mm
F) Overall length 1600 mm
G) Weight w/o magazine 15 kg
H) Weight of fully loaded magazine 0.8 kg
I) Max. shooting range 4000 m
J) Effective shooting range 1800 m
K) Ammunition 12.7x108mm / .50BMG
L) Muzzle energy 14,5 Kj
M) Muzzle velocity 780 m/s